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Where To Market in 2016

It is stunning the amount of money and time that is still being spent on forms of advertising that are not beneficial to the consumer or places where the consumer attention isn’t. The mistake brands are making is this:

They are not following where the consumer attention is going. And in marketing, we need to be placing importance on attention, not impressions. It is sad the amount of money being spent on print and other places where there is no attention or that no longer justify the cost.

For a consumer to get excited about buying from you, to be compelled by something, it comes down to attention. Attention, not impressions. They need to really consume it. here's how...

Video in Social Media

The two places where attention is in 2016 are mobile and the social mobile within it and producing content in form of video.

The mobile phone has now become part of our lives and I can assure that many people who will prefer you to steal their wallet, stab them, run them over by a car than for them to lose their mobile phone; even some people use their mobile phone while driving, our phone is always within arms reach when we are watching our favourite program on TV that when our entertainment is interrupted by ads we pick up our phone to continue being entertained.

Within the world of mobile, there are so many opportunities and ways to make content that can get a consumer’s attention and the number one right now is videos.

Videos in social media has the number one spot in consumer attention, it has always been the deepest way to engage your audience and the internet hasn’t changed that but rather it has amplified the importance of videos as a way to connect.

Engaging Content

The Internet has given us tools to put it the hands or in front of so many people. Creating engaging content has never been easier, and the businesses that are winning big right now are winning because they have placed such an emphasis on mobile and social media within it and video creating content that gives value to their audience.

We cannot over emphasis the fact that if you want to increase your brand awareness, increase sales, increases reach you have to tell stories where people are spending time. Attention, Attention, Attention, creating content that value to your audience that will reciprocate them in doing business with you.

Marketing Agency

Web marketing experts is an experienced marketing agency that helps brands reach a wider audience by writing engaging content and video creation to capture attention. Learn more about how the web marketing experts can provide exclusive services that can bring value to you and your business.

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